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Mapping the Transformative Journey of Graduate Students

HETL Note:  In this academic article, Drs Catherine Snyder, John DeJoy, and Jane Oppenlander discuss the process by which graduate students learn and develop into more self-regulating and mature students and professionals. The authors use transformative learning theory and adult learning theory to support their research. The paper also discus...

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Having Roots and Wings at the Same Time and Considering Alternate Visions of the World: Insularity and World Citizenship

HETL Note:  In this academic article, Drs Luísa Soares, Carla Vale Lucas, and Filipa Oliveira discuss how political, econmic, and social systems influence human identity and identity is further shaped within the context of local and global factors. The authors discuss the need for multicultural and global ciizenship education to develop stud...

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Socially Minded: Ethical Awareness and the Creative Advertising Student

HETL Note:  In this academic article, John Delacruz discusses how educators can foster creativity in students by developing effective communication skills through entertaining and engaging storytelling across different media channels. Author Bio:  John Delacruz is responsible for the advertising program’s creative track and developing ...

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Facilitating the Development of Integrity and Ethical Practice via the Higher Education Classroom

HETL Note:  In this academic article, Drs Jane Mummery and Marnie Nolton discuss how educators can develop in students transferable skills (e.g., integrity and tolerance) in ethical decision-making utilizing discourse analysis research method. Author Bios: Jane Mummery is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy in the Faculty of Education and Ar...

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