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2017 HETL – UWS Scotland Conference Submission Requirements

For All Proposals, Types, please include:

Title: (100 character maximum-no more than 10 words) Titles should briefly identify the content and audience and should be able to stand alone and give a clear idea of what will happen in the session.

Abstract: Please enter your session abstract, which will appear in the promotional material if your proposal is selected. (350 character maximum, about 50 words) Abstracts should clearly and concisely identify what will be presented, who the audience should be, and the delivery format. Please write your abstract in the present tense.

Learning Objectives: What will the audience gain from this presentation in terms of higher education teaching and learning?

Specific Proposal Types and Requirements (all are limited to 500 words)

I.Research Presentation Proposal Requirements

Research presentation present the results of quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods studies or report the findings of studies that use historical or philosophical methods. These studies are based on original data collection or secondary data analysis of.

  • Concisely describe the purpose of your presentation;
  • Theoretical or conceptual frames or lenses;
  • Methodological focus and method(s) used;
  • Data sources or evidence;
  • Applicable results/ findings;
  • Implications for practice

II.Research in Progress Roundtables

Roundtables provide opportunities for scholars to get feedback on research in process in an informal, conversational style with interested persons.

Roundtable sessions are 90 minutes each with two presenter/ facilitator. In the roundtable session, equal time will be allocated to discussion of work in progress and questions/feedback from roundtable participants.

Roundtable proposals should include:

  • Objectives or purposes of the proposed discussion;
  • Perspectives or theoretical/conceptual frameworks that will guide the discussion;
  • Data, evidence, or resources related to the discussion topic;
  • Conclusions and implications;
  • Strategies to facilitate participation in the discussion; and
  • Significance of the topic.

III.Poster Presentations

Poster presentations provide a forum for scholars to engage in active discussion with other conference participants about a completed research project or about a project in developing stages. The poster venue allows scholars with similar research interests to interact by using the poster as a focal point. Poster presenters will display their research on a large bulletin board (provided at the conference). Presenters will attend the poster session to discuss the project with conference attendees.

Poster Proposals should include:

  • Statement of the purpose or goals of the research (i.e., the primary research questions or issues being addressed);
  • Perspectives or theoretical/conceptual foundation for the work;
  • A description of the methodology being used and the project findings (if applicable); and
  • Practical significance and implications of the research.

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