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The information on this page pertains only to the International HETL Review (IHR). If you would like to submit an article to one of our sister publications, please see Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education (JARHE) or Journal of Meaning-Centered Education (JMCE).

Sample of on-going themes include but are not limited to:

  • Best practices in teaching and learning.
  • New pedagogical approaches in teaching and learning.
  • Innovation and the future of teaching and learning.
  • Comparative studies in teaching and learning.
  • Interdisciplinary teaching and learning.
  • Intersections of teaching, learning, and research.
  • Internationalization of teaching and learning.
  • Democratization of teaching and learning.
  • Socialization of teaching and learning.
  • Digitization of teaching and learning.
  • Faculty development and learning communities.
  • Collaborative and cooperative learning.
  • Authentic and experiential learning.
  • Active learning and student engagement.
  • Holistic and integrative learning.
  • Transformative education and dialogic education.
  • Service learning and community-based learning.
  • Meaning-centered learning, research-based learning, inquiry-based learning, group-based learning, project-based learning, case-based learning, problem-based learning, context-based learning, and others, as well as the intersections between these x-based learning approaches.

Special theme for 2014: Teaching and Learning in University 2.0. Theme topic areas:

  • using cutting-edge technologies and other digital media to engage learners.
    Examples: virtual worlds, simulations, gaming, blended learning,
    social media technology, mobile learning,
  • internationalization and diversity of teaching and learning.
    Examples: multicultural learning, collaboration between universities,
    education for agency
  • social learning theories, instructional design, and learning outcomes. Examples: assessment and evaluation of teaching and learning, syllabus/course design, curriculum design, program design.
  • social, institutional, and policy-making challenges and opportunities. Examples: managing learning communities, managing centers for teaching and learning, higher education reform.

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