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Welcome to the official website of The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) – an association of educators, by educators, for educators. We fulfill our vision of advancing the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning by focusing our mission on four core areas: 1) global networking and interdisciplinary collaboration, 2) research, innovation, and academic publishing, 3) higher education development and capacity building, and 4) human rights and social justice. We welcome you to explore our site and get involved in our activities.​

IHR Current Article:

Using Self-Managed Work Teams to Combat Social Loafing and Increase Faculty Engagement in Assurance of Learning Processes

HETL Note: In this academic article, authors Drs. André L. Honorée, Tará Burnthorne Lopez, and Harold E. Davis, discuss the how universities and colleges can increase quality assurance of learning processes and how to increase engage of faculty in this effort, which is especially important for accreditation purposes. More specifically, the ...

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Restructuring Colleges in Higher Education around Learning

HETL Note: In this academic article, authors Drs. Bruce K. Blaylock, Tal Zarankin, and Dale A. Henderson, discuss the limitations and challenges of the traditional structure of higher education - they call this model of higher education the factory model. The authors propose a new structure for higher education institutions that center on lea...

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Get With the Ad Program: Website Content Analysis

HETL Note: In this academic article, authors Drs. Erin Schauster, Joonghwa Lee, Patrick Ferrucci, Seoyeon Kim, and Kim Sheehan, present a study (using content analysis as a research strategy) of 143 undergraduate advertising program websites from a cross-section of public and private American universities and colleges. The study sugges...

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In Production: Using iPads to Tell Stories through Documentary Film

HETL Note: In this academic article, authors Drs. Rashné Jehangir and Na’im Madyun present their experience in an interdisciplinary undergraduate first-year experience class and how their students used narrative pedagogy together with iPad technology to develop short documentary films.  To this end, the students collected data through inter...

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