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Welcome to the International Higher Education Teaching & Learning Association Portal. As one of the largest international higher education e-communities, as at 2015, HETL has 58,050 LinkedIn members; 2,200 Twitter followers; 3,400 Facebook members; and 370 Google+ followers. HETL membership represents every discipline, function and level within higher education from over 160 countries across six continents. HETL has experienced strong membership growth, excellent international conferences, outstanding publications, and strong global partnerships. We are honored to serve the global education community.

The success of a global network is not serendipitous. The success and strength of an institution are dependent upon the active participation and meaningful involvement of its membership. Thus, we would like to thank all board members, liaisons, partners, and members for their participation and commitment in developing an engaged international body of educators. Your contributions strengthen the cause of international higher education. We invite you to check out our website and to get involved in our many activities. Connect with scholars from around the world and explore the common interests of the HETL community.

Collegially yours,

Dr. Patrick Blessinger
Co-chair (standing) of the HETL Board of Directors
HETL Founder,  Executive Director (CEO), Chief Research Scientist, and Publisher
Adjunct Associate Professor, St. John’s University (NYC)

Professor Lorraine Stefani
Co-chair of the HETL Board of Directors
Professor of Higher Education Strategic Engagement
Faculty of Education
University of Auckland
[email protected]

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