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IHR Submissions – Special Issue Democratizing

Special Issue of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Review (IHR):

Democratizing Higher Education: HETL Case Studies

Editors:  Patrick Blessinger (HETL Association) and Krassie Petrova (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)

Submitted papers are due by August 1st, 2014 and should use APA Style throughout. Papers must include all of the following within a single Word document:

1. Paper of between 5000-8000 words (not including references).
2. 300 – 500 word abstract of the article.
3. 200 word author bio(s)

Declaration of Authorship and Copyright Permission

By submitting this article for possible publication in IHR, I confirm that all authors listed on the manuscript are the sole authors of the manuscript and that the manuscript is the original work of the authors. I confirm that I have been authorized to serve as the corresponding author by the co-authors (if applicable) and that the co-authors have approved the content of the manuscript. I confirm that all sources used in the manuscript have been properly acknowledged with in-text citations and references. For any copyrighted materials used in the manuscript, I confirm that I have obtained permission from the copyright holder(s). I confirm that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere or has not been accepted to be published elsewhere or has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

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