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HETL Liaisons are volunteers (academics, scholars, and educators) who represent HETL to the global higher education community. As such, HETL Liaisons help promote the mission, vision, and values of HETL. Liaisons represent HETL's interests in their countries as well as represent the interests of their own countries to HETL. As such, liaisons serve as the voice, eyes, and ears of HETL in their home countries and in their disciplines.

HETL Liaisons represent HETL's interests at conferences and other academic gatherings that they attend in the course of their normal travels as educators. Liaisons may be asked to author a "conference report article" that may be published in the International HETL Review. Liaisons may also represent their countries through HETL's online activities such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Through their input HETL members will learn more about global education, academic professional organizations, and educational practices in other countries.

  • Suppot higher education development and sustainable learning all over the world
  • Support academic and pedagogical pluralism within the global higher education ecosystem
  • Support diversity of all types at all levels within the global higher education ecosystem
  • Support social responsibility and ethical practices in all disciplines/modes of learning
  • Support all efforts that enhance international cooperation, tolerance, and peace building
  • Support capacity building at all levels (human, organizational, and community)
Mandla Makhanya

Chief Liaison: Professor Mandla Makhanya

Professor Mandla Makhanya is a vice chancellor of the University of South Africa and the treasurer of the ACDE. He also serves in the executive committee of the International Council for Distance Education (ICDE). Professor Makhanya holds a BA (Hons) (in Sociology), a Diploma in Tertiary Education, a Masters Degree in Industrial Sociology and a DPhil. In 2007 the University of Athabasca in Canada conferred upon him a PhD (Honoris Causa) in recognition of his outstanding leadership at UNISA and his contribution as a distinguished scholar in distance education. Prof Makhanya has published widely in distance education. Besides his academic expertise and his passionate involvement in UNISA's academic life, Professor Makhanya shares his knowledge with the South African and international community. He is a deputy Chairperson of the South African National Commission for UNESCO as well as a Chairperson of the Culture Sector of the South African National Commission for UNESCO. He has also been a member of the National Committee of the Memory of the World (MoW). He served in various leadership roles in the South African Sociological Association and eventually became its Deputy President in 1998, for a period of two years. During this time he also served as an editorial committee member of their journal Society in Transition. He continues to be a member of the South African Sociological Association (SASA), as well as the International Association of Sociology (ISA).

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