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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

HETL Publishing adheres to the commonly accepted code of conduct and ethical practices (such as those principles and practices described in COPE) governing peer-reviewed academic journals, including its own journals: Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education (with Emerald Group Publishing), International HETL Review and Journal of Meaning-Centered Educated.

HETL Publishing asserts that it has put in place a rigorous set of policies, processes, and procedures to ensure that:

  • all authors and their article submissions are treated equally and fairly by the journals’ editor, editorial team, and journal reviewers,
  • confidentiality and anonymity is maintained through a double blind peer-reviewed (refereed) process,
  • article originality (and protection against plagiarism and publication fraud) is maintained through a plagiarism check and author credentials and identity are checked by reviewing public websites and author confirmation. If originality or author identity is in doubt or if plagiarism is detected, the Editor of the respective journal will notify the author(s) of the results and provide the author(s) with the opportunity to explain and resolve any concerns. If plagiarism or publication fraud of any kind is detected after the article has been published, the the author(s) will have the opportunity to explain and resolve any concerns to the satisfaction of the Editor and Publisher; if these concerns cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the the Editor and Publisher, the Editor and Publisher reserve the right to rescind publication of the article or to keep the article in publication but with a footnote for readers regarding originality concerns.

Peer-review and editing policies governing authorship rules, disclosures, and conflict of interests are described at https://www.hetl.org/editorial-policies/.

Author guidelines and forms are described at https://www.hetl.org/guidelines-and-forms/.

Copyright policy is described at https://www.hetl.org/copyright-policy/.

Privacy policy is described at: https://www.hetl.org/privacy-policy/.


The primary aims of the IHR are to, 1) to provide a forum for a diverse set of voices to share their expertise and research in the field of teaching and learning, 2) to create a rigorous, peer-reviewed process for the dissemination of scholarly knowledge on teaching and learning, and 3) to build a vibrant research community of scholars and educational thought leaders from all academic domains in higher education.

As part of our charter as a non-profit charitable educational association, IHR is provided free to the public as an open-access journal. IHR is international and interdisciplinary in scope. The coverage of the journal includes, but is not limited to:

  • all disciplines and subject areas covering higher education strategy, policy and management
  • all disciplines and subject areas covering higher education teaching, learning and assessment
  • all disciplines and subject areas covering higher education internationalization and technology
  • innovative reflections and methodologies on current practices and emerging trends


Higher education around the world is undergoing seismic shifts in how the higher education ecosystem behaves and how the higher education landscape looks. Major structural changes are occurring that are fundamentally altering the relationship between societies and their higher education institutions, at the macro level, and between administrators, faculty and students, at the micro level. As societies evolve and become more globally interconnected, educational systems must adapt to reflect and respond to these changes. As such, the definition and purpose of education, learning, and scholarship has greatly expanded and changed over the past few decades. These changes require policy makers and higher education leaders to rethink their notions of higher education by defining appropriate measures of success that are germane to and align with the unique missions of institutions and the unique needs of the people (e.g., faculty, learners, citizens) they serve.

In this type of complex, diverse educational ecosystem, higher education serves multiple purposes (e.g., scholarly/academic, economic/professional, democratic/social, personal/humanistic) for multiple constituencies. The HETL Review provides a medium and a forum for scholars and practitioners to disseminate their research and to engage in a critical debate and dialogue around the issues most meaningful to advancing the scholarship and practice of higher education. To that end, the mission of the HETL Review is purposely broad and utilizes a mix of articles (e.g., academic articles, book reviews, technology reviews, interviews) to fulfill its mission. Thus, the HETL Review helps to bring into focus the many issues and themes and emerging trends that are relevant to teaching and learning in higher education today.

Key journal audiences

  • researchers, scholars, faculty, and practitioners in higher education
  • researchers, scholars, faculty, and practitioners in lifelong and lifewide education
  • management, administration, and governance leaders in higher education
  • student affairs and technology support staff in higher education
  • professors, instructors, mentors and doctoral students in higher education
  • educational policy makers and opinion leaders in national and international institutions

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